Water Damage

  • Reduce Damage after flood
  • Prevents potential damage
  • Restore property value
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Water Damage

  • Reduce Damage after flood
  • Prevents potential damage
  • Restore property value
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Water Damage

We Insure recognizes the risk of water damage for South Florida’s low lying areas, especially after storm surges and heavy rain. But our customers need to know about the household threats of water damage, such as faulty piping, improperly sealed entryways, and leaky roofing.

To protect our property and its contents, We Insure that our customers have the lowest out of pocket costs possible. To a homeowner in South Florida, water damage can be one of the biggest risks to property and content value when dealing with harsh weather.

What is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation is the process of reducing the amount of water damage that happens after a flood, or as the result of a large leak. It prevents additional damage by minimizing property exposure to accumulating or stagnant water.

Why We Need Water Damage Insurance

Levels of Water Damage

Class 1 – (Low Tier Damage): Small area damage, usually contained to a room or smaller area of the house. Carpets and floors are dry or minimally soaked.

Class 2 – (Medium Tier Damage): Larger area damage, with at least an entire room or carpet area affected. Structural materials and surrounding walls are moist, risking further damage.

Class 3 – (High Tier Damage): The entire area are saturated by water, usually coming from damaged ceilings and flooding from storms. Carpets, structures, and other areas are affected by standing or accumulating water.

Class 4 – (Specialty Damage): There are deep pockets of saturation in structural parts of the property, such as brick, mortar, and cinderblock. These parts require very low, specific humidity, without which can compromise the structure of a home.

carpet with water damage
water damage clean up in office

How Can Water Damage Your Home?

Contents and Dwelling Damage(s)

  • Weakened Infrastructure
  • Floor/Carpet Accumulation
  • Mold Growth
  • Unprotected Electrical Wiring

Floods in South Florida are prevalent due to naturally lowland areas of the state. As our rainy weather makes us miserable, it can also cause lasting damage to our homes. Notable damage to homes includes soaked rugs, damaged walls, warped flooring and ruined furniture.
To prevent property destruction, further water damage, and to restore your property to its full value, steps must be taken to remove the various results of water damage.

mold on ceiling from water damagewalls with water damageleaky water pipes

Mold Growth

Mold can damage the infrastructure of homes, devalue your home, and can cause health risks for your family and pets. Leftover water accumulating within porous areas of your dwelling, such as dry wall and under floor paneling can create pockets of moisture that can harbor mold.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

Assess your home for any faults in its wiring, as this can cause a huge risk for anyone standing in overly soaked areas of your home. You’re at risk for electrical shock if an exposed wire touches any standing body of water.

Leaky Roof

If your home has a damaged roof, then water can easily leak in to the surrounding infrastructure. This can cost increased damage to the property during the heavy rain seasons.

Burst Pipes

Whether it be from old, broken piping or even a heavily set clog, burst pipes can be a ready source of water damage in your home.

Storm/Heavy Rain

Due to the naturally humid state of Florida, heavy rains and storm activity are prevalent enough to warrant specific policies for water damage. Flood waters can leak under and through walls in homes to cause internal and external damage.

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